Products & Services

All Therapy by Aroma products and services are engineered to promote both psychological and physical benefits. The multiple applications of essential oils allow a number of product variations we are proud to bring to the community. Essential oils can be employed either topically, for absorption through the skin, or aromatically, via inhalation. Both topical and aromatic methods of transport provide effective exposure for therapy to occur.

Therapy by Aroma’s all natural, organic soy candles are clean burning and do not produce black soot buildup or irritating smoke. Our soy candles are also cosmetic grade and can be used as massage candles. Therapy by Aroma uses no synthetic products or fragrance oils in the manufacture of our candles.


ALERT- Essential oil synergy between eucalyptus and peppermint. Need to finish that chapter? Or that essay? This is the candle for you!


SLEEP- This candle is formulated to combat the effects of insomnia and anxiety on the human psyche. “Sleep” is an essential oil synergy comprised of Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils.


GROUNDING- Essential oil synergy containing Frankencense and Ylang Ylang designed to promote spiritual refocus. Have you ever felt unbalanced, groggy, or the inability to think clearly? This is the candle for you!


BEESWAX- Our beeswax candles are pure, boasting no added ingredients. These candles are especially useful for our loved ones with respiratory conditions making them particularly sensitive to pollutants in air. Our all natural, organic, clean burning beeswax candles will not irritate the respiratory tract or overpower the room. We have preserved the light native scent and characteristics of beeswax by not adding any essential oil.


BATH BOMBS- Add excitement to your cleansing process while enjoying benefits of essential oils. Loved by kids and adults alike for the entertainment, fizzy bath bombs can be used in both the shower and bath. In the shower, water will dissolve product and release aroma into the steam. In the bath, product will dissolve releasing essential oil for absorption topically.


HAIR DEEP CONDITIONER- Dry, damaged hair? Our all natural conditioning treatment could be the answer. Our olive oil based therapy contains essential tea tree oil to promote hair growth and aids in controlling dandruff by nourishing the scalp. Simply apply to damp hair and massage product into scalp. Cover, let sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. For best results, use weekly as needed.


WHIPPED BODY BUTTER-  For soft, moisturized skin, Therapy by Aroma body butter is a wonderful choice. Whipped to a thick creamy texture, this Shea and Cocoa butter based product boasts coconut oil and Lavender essential oil. Product may be used daily to achieve results.

Achieve smooth, glowing skin with our coconut salt scrub. With each use, experience gentle exfoliation by pink Himalayan salt crystals while simultaneously enjoying the invigorating benefits of peppermint essential oil. Sure to be a crowd pleaser on any occasion, Therapy by Aroma Salt Scrub is a go-to gift that may be used daily.


As with any alternative medicine or complementary therapy, you should inform your physician of essential oil usage.