About Us

Therapy by Aroma CEO & Founder Kiresha Redman is a Registered Nurse with a passion for emotional nurture. Since a young girl, Kiresha has encouraged the healing of others through the use of oils, massage, and laughter. Yes, laughter. It really is the best medicine! 🙂 . Professionally, Kiresha has promoted the healing of others through various therapeutic techniques, on clients spanning in age from 3 weeks to 103 years.

Using only pure and natural ingredients, we here at Therapy by Aroma encourage the different sectors of wellness to intermingle and work in a holistic manner. If your physical sector is in shape, it is easier to get your emotional sector in shape. If your emotional sector is in shape, is it easier to get your spiritual sector in shape. We intend to span multiple sectors with our products, incorporating a full body sensory experience. The sensory experience should be engaging, from package opening through to the last use. Our visuals are made to be appealing, the packaging and feel of our products is  ergonomically designed to be pleasant and Therapy by Aroma scent profiles are inviting. While we do not yet manufacture a edible product, we are currently evaluating different formulations to bring our best product to market. Clinically, aromatherapy is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Our goal is to elicit a pleasant sensory experience, or mood, with each of our products or services, with each use.